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Born and raised in Denver, CO I now reside in Chicago, IL where I continue to explore my path as a visual artist. With a BFA in studio art and a minor in Sexuality Studies from Metropolitan State University of Denver, my artistic journey is a fusion of passion and purpose.


While my roots lie in drawing and painting, my undergraduate years saw me venture into sculpture, fiber art, photography, performance and video art. It was during this time that I discovered the power of merging my artistic expression with the exploration of sexuality and queerness. This amalgamation not only liberated my creative spirit but also sparked a commitment to dismantling the stigma surrounding eroticism.


Our culture's hushed tones around non normative sexuality have given rise to harmful narratives and practices. Through my art, I aim to unravel these societal constraints, creating a space for open, honest, and safe conversations about sexual reality and fantasies. Recreating these aspects of human experience becomes a form of activism, challenging the norm and fostering a more inclusive understanding of diverse sexual interests and desires.


Join me in this exploration, where art becomes a catalyst for understanding, exploring and celebrating our erotic world.

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